Massages and treatments

You have the possibility to book all kind of aromatic, therapeutic and beauty treatments. We are specialists threating several pathologies, as well as experts for skincare programs.

We have at your availability the Wellness program with the complete list of services and treatments. Let us offer you some recommendations:

Hot Aroma Oil Massage

Extraordinary relaxing massage with hot aroma premium oil. Choose between two personal mixtures, relaxing or vitalizing

Pantai Luar

Therapy which has it’s origin in the Far East, which consists in the corporal application of some sachets with a mix of carefully prepared medical herbs heated to 120º C. The intention is reaching a profoundly relaxation using fast movements to take away muscle contractions.

Reflexology Foot Massage “Intensive”

Intensive massage of reflex points on your feet, innervated the self-regulating forces of the organism. Chronic and severe afflictions could be mitigated

Special Japanese therapy, recommended to relieve tiredness and reduce pain, contractures and illness symptoms, producing a pleasant sensation which stimulates the organism to create its own recovery in a natural way.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

To relieve congestion from Lymph vessels and activate the lymphatic flow. Recommended  in cases of swollen or tired legs or general fatigue

Special Peelings
Selection of corporal peelings to enjoy complete skincare.

Lemon Salt Body Scrub
Refreshing peeling with vitamins and fruit acids for deep cleansing and caring

Lavender Salt Body Scrub
Gentle scrub with minerals. Soft massage with pleasant natural lavender essence

Lanzarote Volcanic Rock Body Peeling Deep cleansing and moisture for your body skin  with finely grounded volcanic rocks from Lanzarote and premium native olive oils
Cleopatra Cream Wrap

Hydrate your skin profoundly like Queen Cleopatra: the precious oils and vanilla aroma cream of this treatment will nourish your skin and give it back its vitality.