Body wraps

Wraps nourish and soften your skin while detoxifying it. Herbs, seaweed or natural mud are applied to the skin on the different body parts that are being treated, which are then wrapped in cloths. After this healthy and purifying treatment, you will feel like Cleopatra, who used this method as a rejuvenating and cosmetic treatment.

The skin cells’ vitality is stimulated thanks to the active substances in the extracts. The aroma they give off is relaxing and each application stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles.

Cleopatra Cream Wrap
Pamper your skin by moisturizing it with precious native oils and special mix of aromatic fragrance.
25 min. --- 30 €

Chocolate Therapy
Sweet temptation for body and soul. With peeling, chocolate wrap and gentle massage. Do you love chocolate? Enjoy this spectacular regenerating wellness treatment.
50 min. --- 62 €

Luxury Wine Ritual
This luxury treat start with a grape seed fibers body scrub. Continuing with a special wine mousse wrap. The relaxing full body massage with warm premium grape seed oil is the highlight of this powerful anti-aging body treatment.
80 min. --- 72 €

Egyptian Ritual
Intensive body scrub with smoothie salt-oil peeling. Pleasant aromatic oil creme wrap with relaxing luxury body massage.
80 min. --- 69 €

Natural Dead Sea Mud Wrap "Full"
Warm full body wrap rich in essential minerals and trace elements for perfect function of body cells. Recommended in case of muscle, bone or joint pain.
25 min. --- 38 €

Natural Dead Sea Mud Wrap "Local"
Hot local wrap; area depending on clinical background. Especially recommended for arthrosis, lumbago or myosclerosis.
25 min. --- 30 €

Aloe Vera Wrap
For sun damaged skin, a soothing and embalming wrap with Canary Island Aloe Vera. More than 160 enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids treat your skin. Specially in case of sun burn, psoriasis, atopic eczeme ...
50 min. --- 60 €

Seaweed Body Wrap
Powerful purifying and lifting effect with natural seaweed mousse.
25 min. --- 30 €

Seaweed Body Wrap "Extra"
Improve the lifting effect and moisturize skin deeply. Enjoy this seaweed body wrap with relaxing massage with special seaweed creme/oil.
45 min. --- 39 €

Cold Seaweed Cataplasm
Massage to relieve congested legs followed
by cold cataplasm to stimulate the circulation. Especially recommended for varicose veins and tired legs.
25 min. --- 36 €


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